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Global Estetik is a unique Indonesian dental clinic company, using digital apps as a platform.

Started in a very humble beginning, in the city of Jakarta, Global Estetik is a cheerful, crazy, creative and ambitious group that work really hard to pursue their goals.

No. 1 Web Traffic #DentalClinic

In 2017 Global Estetik is the Dental Clinic with the Most Website Traffic in Indonesia and even more Global Estetik is also #1 in Southeast Asia.

Outperformed thousands of other dental clinic in Southeast Asia.

Company Overview


Jakarta, Indonesia


Depok, Indonesia
Bandung, Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia


Year Founded


Company Type

Private Company


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Life in Global Estetik

Budaya yang ada di Global Estetik

Acuan seberapa persen keberhasilan di perjalanan Global Estetik dalam menempuh berbagai persaingan di dunia bisnis Klinik Gigi dimulai dari proses budaya yang terus dilakukan setiap karyawan hingga saat ini.

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Well, may be.. Now you are thinking this career page seems strange.. hehehe

Thats perfectly fine, if you think so.. In fact, it is not a normal career page. Who wants to be normal anyway.. We are above normal :)

Well, maybe some of you thinking that you are too normal to work here. You are not that much crazy. You are too realistic. And so on.. and so fort

Well.. you know what?

Thats why we need you. We are looking for people opposite to us..

A people just like you. To complete us...


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